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Signs In Met Life You’ve Someone 3 A Previous



  • Signs In Met Life You’ve Someone 3 A Previous
  • 8 Sure-Fire Signs You Have a Past Life Connection (Truth Revealed!)
  • Seeking Higher Consciousness
  • However, if you've met someone in a past life, it likely means you have 3. You have plenty of memories with them. You don't know how or why, but you both. Sep 29, Reincarnation is becoming a more common topic. Even just decades ago, the belief was relegated to its origins - in the far east. Lately it's. Mar 8, When you meet someone you've known in a past life, the connection Meeting someone from your "soul group" will typically cause a reaction in you. 3You're Extremely Drawn To Them Without Any Real Explanation Why.

    Signs In Met Life You’ve Someone 3 A Previous

    The variations are endless, the complications serious. They will choose what type of expression they share in the present, whether as friends, lovers, family, partners of any kind. Some gay relationships are based on lifetimes of shared experience, and since we all experience both genders over our many lives, gender can seem unimportant. These are very individual decisions, and our reasons vary according to our personal, soulic, evolutionary objectives.

    My blog post , Are You Gender Neutral? You might suddenly remember your past lives together. I could go on all day like this. The ways we replay our past lives with one another are infinite, the clues endless. See if you can add to this list. Ultimately, all improvements begin with you. Their energies will fall in line with yours as you change.

    Ever since I can remember dreaming.. I have had a dream of the same guy. Sometimes the same situation but sometimes not. Sometimes the dream is constant or once a year. But always the same person and I wake up with incredible wanting to be with this person. I find myself looking for this person but I have never found him. I am currently married to someone that is not at all what my dream guy is.

    I have been told by a person that my husband and I have had several past lives together.. This is an excellent question because it brings up something people forget when speaking of life, love, and reincarnation. It could be and probably is perfectly true that you and your husband have spent previous lives together. But consider that most of us, especially those ready to consider past lives, have spent thousands of lifetimes to reach this point in our evolution. That means we have resolved many issues together, we have established mutual trust and balance, and when we connect, we become strong supporters for one another.

    The catch is that we are not always incarnated on Earth at the same time. Often one stays in the higher worlds to offer support and encouragement—say, in dreams.

    And sometimes when we are on the planet at the same time, we are learning by forming different types of relationships. You might be siblings or spouses, or parent and child, or grandparent and child, or boss and employee, or simple friends … ETC! And then of course, sometimes we incarnate with the plan to form romantic relationships.

    I hope this gives you some new ways of looking at your situation! Your dream guy could be one of those who comes to you to offer comfort, advice, solace—or you might still meet up in the present, in one form or another. Thank you…that actually makes a lot of sense that over the course of our lives — past and present -we have had made many impacts of lives around us and they to us.

    Prehaps my dream guy i will just enjoy and i might some day recognize him in someone else.. Thank you for the insightful article, Lianne.

    I wonder if you have any thoughts on how, when, and, indeed, whether to share a recognized past life experience with the people one recognizes—not knowing whether they even believe in past lives? I feel as though sharing what I believe it may spring from could alleviate the tension of puzzling over it and let us compare notes on our experiences instead of just looking untold volumes at each other.

    Hello Elle— Yes, it would certainly bring up a very interesting conversation, at the least! Follow your inspiration, as always. Some people think of this as following their heart. Either way, do what you feel to be right. Best wishes — maybe let us know what happens if you decide to speak up? I had a flashback dream right after I met them, several years ago, and the astrology, when I later studied it, fleshed out the significance of the dream later followed up by a series of related present-life dreams—dreams being an important communication channel for me.

    She and I are uncannily alike in looks and taste; we resemble each other more than we do our own sisters or mother me and daughter her. Tarot confirms that they appeared in my present life to give me new inspiration and instruction when I was struggling, and to offer a sheltering home—a safe space.

    So I feel blessed to have such a positive connection and am generally content with things as they are, only I do wish I could offer some answer to that persistent unspoken question! Best wishes to you! But first, a little background: We have a similar outlook on life too. Heck, we even seem to share similar patterns of speech or at least similar patterns of typing.

    We had a long chat about it in private, and he just made me feel so much better about my situation that I was finally able to give in and accept that I am who I am. He gives me the comfort, friendliness and sweetness I have desperately needed for a very, very long time. Fast forward to today exactly: This worries me so much… I just want to see him happy more than anyone else! I even dreamt about him last night.

    I suspect I have a crush on him! More importantly however, I wanted to ask if anyone here has any tips for getting closer to people like this and figuring out why we met again. I just though that was important to stress. Happy for you for that! I have heard of predators who impersonate teenagers, etc.

    It reminds me of that part in the animated film Frozen , where the prince pretends to like everything the girl likes, except he just wants to steal the throne …!!

    Okay, enough of that. Makes sense to me. Now, the distant friend. Old friends from a previous life? Similar, compatible, but not identical. Or at least, not so much. You connect, but in levels not so interesting. These energy connections are not dimmed by time or distance. So finding this person was a great benefit to you both. Sometimes, these connections are short-lived, and sometimes they go on for a long time.

    Either way, they help us. I have had many in my lifetime, and you will also find such people coming and going throughout your life.

    Enjoy what you can from this shared understanding. That makes the other person feel safe to do so, if you can be the brave one to go first.

    Why did you meet again? Sometimes when planning our present lives, before we were born, we older souls do seem to arrange such meetings at key moments, to give each other courage and support when we most need it. By the way, how do you know you will never meet in the flesh?

    That is so valuable. Stay safe and protect yourself from the wrong people. Share who you really are whenever possible. And remember that you have many, countless millions of people in the higher worlds who are looking out for your well-being and who are ready to listen and guide, if you allow them to. Love and good wishes to you! Hello and thank you so much for posting this article! For example, there was a time when I would keep a dream diary and my dreams were becoming incredibly vivid the more I would write about them.

    But then I would have a dream that left me feeling very uncomfortable, and so I would quit writing about them. Now I barely remember any of my dreams. I consider myself a very intuitive person. I can pick up on energy instantly and read people like a book. I know what friendships to allow in my life and which relationships can appear more toxic. I usually back off from those… unless I feel an odd draw for whatever reason.

    But I feel the need to look after him and take care of him. And heck I would do the same. Who knows, maybe he was my child before. I just had no way of knowing…. I like that you are trying to open up your inner connection to the Infinite wellspring again. And as you pointed out, for instance, with your dreams, the more we use it, the more it strengthens that intuitive muscle and the better we are at discerning information from that source.

    And you have, like others here, identified a pattern or tendency in yourself to wind up with guys and maybe girl friends as well who are needy. So many strong, healthy, balanced, brilliant women fall into this trap. You get my point: BUT — giving people attract taking people. Those are not the ONLY people who will come into your life, but be alert when they do. Make sure in your relationships that you keep a healthy, balanced give-and-take, especially in long-term relationships.

    Oh yes, I speak from experience!! Just learn to identify the signs when it happens again and again. Choose how much to give, when to give, and when to walk away with these particular people. Can be good — it depends on what and how. Lack of kindness toward you? Run very fast indeed!! Okay, most important factor: He feels you owe him, you feel you need to care for him. Or rejected individual in one way or another.

    You know the truth deep within. Take this deep within. And by the way — you write well and you even know punctuation! That tells me you will be a fine writer. I hope you are already on your way with it! Let no one stop you! What a wonderful site and read through many threads here, very interesting, totally makes lot of sense! Im a 33 yo female, married with two kids.

    Im always drawn towards past-life related topics, infact tried past life regression but did not pursue after one session, as that person seemed money-minded. Im generally an intuitive person, and I consider myself a somewhat mature soul, also many have said the same.

    I strongly believe in re-incarnation and different dimensions. I would certainly love your books on that, will try to get them. Now for my long story!!

    Coming to my experiences: I have felt past life connection with 5 people so far, including my husband. First ever feeling was of course my husband, just a strong feeling we were meant to be together — after a few break ups kept coming back to each other before we got married. We have ofcourse had ups and downs and secise thought if we made the right decision or not!

    Few years back, I met a person about 10 yrs older in a train, as he walked through the aisle, I knew he was gonna sit next to me, and he did! He looked very very familiar to me and infact I initiated the conversation asking you look very familiar! Which is totally unlike me because I wouldnt talk to strangers in train..

    He guided me for my next train as I was travelling to a new suburb for my job interview. But we kept meeting many times during travel, we just loved meeting each other and talking. I would know in my mind, that he would be in the same train even before I reach the station, even though it was not very often. Eventually found out he also had exact same feeling, we had similar interests and totally in tune!

    I could tell that he was living a miserable life at that time. Now, we talk rarely just as a friendly concern over each other. At least if they r sad or happy and what they r thinking etc. This boy, was feeling so depressed, low self esteem, confidence etc which was holding him back from excelling at school. Share your feelings with me and boosted his confidence etc.. Later, one day he was feeling low, and asked me if he can lay on my lap for few minutes, I said ok.

    Thank goodness we stopped with just hugs and kisses and I never let him go beyond that. But that was so intense and felt deep feelings. I know I cheated on my hubby. I felt terrible and hated myself after the moment. He wanted to physically have me atleast once. I hated him badly.

    Later, i did a bad thing, I had to tell my hubby that I tried to help him initially but his behavior is changing etc.. Basically, I hid the fact that i encouraged that behavior.

    We cut him off from our family revealing minimum information to his mom and asked him not to come to our house any more. I betrayed him badly, for which I will never forgive myself. A very good male friend, same age, eyes and smile are enough for both of us to let our souls talk to each other. He feels the same way. We feel like we are both one and the same.

    Infact I sent her tthe link to this page, after which, she acknowledged that she knew me from past life. Though not much details. I have this guilt in me for cheating on my husband but never ever had sex with anyone else other than my husband. Thank you for reading my long long essay!!

    Your opinion on these would be greatly appreciated, Lianne! Although there is a past-life component to everything: I suppose you have been trying for lifetimes to learn this kind of balance in your connections with others. It is a worthy endeavor! Anything that makes you store up a lot of guilt is not good for you, or for your future, or for your current relationships.

    Nor is it good for your physical health, because ultimately those deep down, buried emotions such as guilt will manifest in other unpleasant ways in your life, be it physical illness or emotional imbalances. All energy needs to flow, so if you try to suppress guilty feelings, they will find a way out into the surface of your life, one way or another. Better not to incur guilt, whenever it can be avoided.

    I suspect you have a tendency to let your emotional connections rule, and your reasoning comes later. I can understand this from personal experience. Perhaps recognizing and believing immediately that you have had past-life relationships with these individuals will help you quickly identify the strong feelings as coming up from the past. If you then determine whether or not that is appropriate to follow in the present life, you will make calmer choices. We take our time, be calm, use our past-life sensitivity to guide us, and soon we will forget that heady moment of emotional high.

    These are the kinds of situations and determinations we all face! Thank you so much for sharing. I know others will benefit from hearing your story. Peace and good wishes, Lianne. I remember a lake in Oklahoma. The high dock and all the friends I partied there with. My last boyfriend was twice my age, he remembers a girl that looked just like me that he met at the lake. He took me to a Rolling Stones concert in , he showed me a video on youtube of the concert.

    There I was, a tanner dark haired version of me on his shoulders!! Apparently I moved from party to party and crashed where I could. I know I loved my life. Most of the people I hang out with now, I think I knew them before. I can come up nicknames of people they knew. It really seems unfair that I didnt get to live out my life with these people.

    Am I going insane, or is this real?! The details are what makes me really think this is real! I think I died before in a car crash at 28 in a head on collision with a semi, my fault. Are we only suppose to live as long as we did before?

    This seems so crazy!? I havent seen any past life experience stories online like mine, so I thought I would post this and see if anyone else might have a similiar experience. Dear Jess, thank you so much for finding this blog post and sharing your story. I believe you, every word, and no, you are not crazy. You are so fortunate to know this about yourself!

    They are rare but available online, and not widely known. So many questions could be asked to verify this, such as your relationship with your current parents is it strong, or were they merely a quick convenience for a quick reincarnation? And, what happened in your present life as you passed the age of 28? Any close calls that you survived this time? You will probably come across a lot of clues and incidents to verify, if this is your true story, especially as you accept it more.

    You mentioned medical issues. Are they concurrent with your dream of the crash, possibly related to prior life injuries? See what clues you can connect to verify your suspicions. Either way could be valid, and not so uncommon as one might think. And nothing to fear. Knowledge always cures our concerns. I recommend the books of Ernest L.

    Norman, such as The Voice of Venus a starting place or The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation as a starting place to learn more about these energetic realities of our lives. In the future, I hope the world will recognize the energetic quality of our bodies and ourselves to such a degree, that many who are now victimized by scientific ignorance can be helped—released from asylums and prisons with the proper application of this healing knowledge and counter-measures to put them back on the right track.

    I am so glad you found my little article! And by the way — no limitations! We are supposed to live as long in each life as we need to, to add to our storehouse of wisdom gained through experience.

    So take this as an opportunity to do better this time around and enjoy your life as it unfolds, always taking the up-tick in consciousness when given a choice. Keeping our consciousness attuned to the highest rungs of the Infinite Creative Intelligence, to the best of our ability.

    All the best to you, and if you wish to share further elements of your story, please do! One more thank-you about that: Now there is such a story online. Thank you for some clarity! I had surgery the end of last year. I had a rare meningioma brain tumor. It was eating away at my skull, and causing strokes, migraines, balance issues, ect. Took forever to get diagnosed, my surgeon said it had probably been there for 4- 5 years!

    I would have been around 28! The weird thing is, it was almost like I knew the day it started. I was driving on the interstate, then boom this fear and dread came over me, a sudden wave of panic. It was absolute panic! Never been in a car accident or seen any traumatic events in this life time that would have caused it. In possibility one, thats amazing you mentioned that about my parents! When I was a kid I never seemed to fit in with my family.

    My birth mom and dad had nine kids and gave them all away, basically sold us. My dad had a total of 28 kids, and sold us all! It scared my mom, because the details were dead on accurate. The two story blue house in the woods, a go kart track within walking distant on the on the other side of the timber. They had a neighbor girl at that time that would call him uncle Mike. They never knew what happened to her after they moved away. I think somehow there was a connection and I needed to end up with this family, perhaps I was that little girl.

    And I will definitely do my best to enjoy life as it unfolds! And thank you for your response! And the Uncle Mike connection sounds very intriguing, with the memories you have of it. I would not be surprised if you were that little girl. Any chance this was in Michigan? I knew such a place! Do please consider writing your story one day, if you think it is a part of your plan to do. I would not normally send someone into investigating their past further, but your story is like stories of reincarnation we usually only hear from young children.

    Which means, it might be important to the rest of the world, if you feel to share it. Thank you so much for coming back with these details! This should free up your life considerably!! I never thought writing about my experience, but what a great idea! That was a beautiful article. Like we are truest love, I feel like her older sister and she awakened in me intimacy on another level in that sense. Funnily enough, she has had an intense connection with a guy who became her close friend months before she met me, she met him through mutual close friends.

    He is going through a lot and is very confused about all this. Plot thickens now though…. When we finally did meet when I met a lot of her friends for a night out, she kept trying to get us to talk and saying how we are the two most special people who have to know each other! Then, one day her and I were going for coffee and she really intensely wanted him to meet us, she called him so many times until he finally answered and told him he has to come.

    That night we went back to mine after our coffee and had a magical time talking. I did their natal charts and we were talking about lots of different beautiful existential topics.

    There was an air of magical connection in the air, and him and I just recognised each other. Something inside of me is saying to let it be as it is and just be me and be there for them as a friend and letting their story unfold, as well as my story with each of them.

    My friend told him how she feels, not expecting anything in return, and it did happen that way but I know there is more to come.

    But had the most intense incredible experience today, which is why I have been looking up these types of articles. My close friend in a very meant-to-be way found articles about lunar phases people are born in and shared hers with me which is the balsamic ending phase, meaning people born in this phase are completing the 8-lives karmic cycle and have lots of intense relationships with people from past lives finishing business. And it led me somehow to talk to him about it and he also was born in this phase, which resonates a lot with how is feeling.

    I felt fear and gut-wrenching sadness and like I lost something. I felt like I would throw up and was all sick and heartbroken. And then I had the realisation all three of us are karmically connected and there is something there to be resolved. I feel like I love him in that forever way, and her too. And I feel like my job now is to step back and let it evolve but also like I am supposed to be with him at some point. Would love to think what you think about it all.

    Thank you so much for reading this! Light and love xx. But yeah the sadness I felt and crying was about him and I…Thanks again!!!! Hi Joanna — wow, what a story! But you know what? Down here in the second part, where your other friend exposed you to the idea of past life connections and you suddenly experienced what we call a healing wash-out, or releasement.

    Meaning, those crying sobs were actually quite therapeutic. They represent the energy of the past, the old emotional residue, washing up and out of your present-life energy body! This is a form of deep recognition within yourself, and a willingness to let go. And while this happens, you should also know that the Beings of Light who guide, teach, and help you from life to life are able to step in and add their Infinite Love to your process, further mending any rips and tears in your energy body, so to speak, where the old emotions were stored.

    Congratulate yourself, dear one! You have accomplished more with this than you know. Is it that easy? The tears are your proof. And did you feel different afterwards? Do you feel different now? Is it a little easier to make your choices and stick to them? I suspect the healing was possible because of your wisdom expressed, to take a step back and let the right things unfold in the right order, rather than disrupting the gentle flow of connections unfolding among you with an eager or inappropriate push in a selfish direction.

    In other words, you were willing to let go and let them be. I will not tell you what that was. You will know, if you need to. Just ask within and your teachers will answer, if it will help you.

    Believe what comes to you. If nothing does, then it is not necessary. You have already experienced a significant degree of healing. My very best to you! And much gratitude for sharing this complicated, but significant, tale with us! I feel like I know my boss from a previous lifetime. She is a Virgo and Virgo is one of my dominate signs.

    But aside from that she gives me serious butterflies and anxiety. We are both females but I find myself thinking of her a lot. Sometimes in an inappropriate way. With my boyfriend it was easy for me to understand that we not only knew each other in a previous lifetime, but we are in a karmic relationship. I used astrology to figure that out. With my boyfriend I felt safe, I felt like I had known him my whole life since the first day we met. I hate not knowing lol. And now you know something further: Now, this is useful because sometimes you can reason with yourself, knowing about past lives, long enough to smooth over any remaining rough places and find new ways to connect with and communicate with someone.

    As for what happened between you and your boss in the past, you already gave yourself a clue: Best wishes, Lianne P. Inside, you know the truth. Until recently I never believed in past lives, but I have had an experience after which I can no longer deny it. I met a man and the first moment I saw him I had an overwhelming feeling of absolute contentment and familiarity. I introduced myself, looked into his eyes, and I knew we had met before.

    I casually asked through out our conversation about his past experiences thinking maybe we had crossed paths somewhere down. As the evening progressed we decided to walk downtown, without even thinking we were holding hands, joking as if we had been together for years almost as if they were inside jokes. When he kissed me it felt so natural and wonderfully familiar. I never experienced any of these feelings with my ex-husband. I talked to him and found he had the same feelings.

    I found out later he has been dating a woman long distance and she will be moving to the area in the next month, but for some reason this has had little effect on me. I KNOW he will be part of my life when we are both ready. I have never been so sure or anything in my life. I have began doing some research on the subject and have done some self mediation in hopes of revealing something from my past to help me make sense of this.

    He is standing in a field with a tree behind him. All I have seen of myself are my shoes and a green dress. Welcome to the tribe of people who have touched this extended bit of reality!

    That can trap you in the past, and what you really want to do is to move forward in your personal quest for the growth and development of your soulic spirit! If this man joins you on the path, hooray! And if he does not — also hooray! Personal growth is the most important thing for us to be concerned about, but when and if we are able to share this with a loving partner, wow, that does speed our progress if we are mutually supportive, loving, respectful, and if we share similar goals in life.

    I wish you all the best! Feel free to come back and let us all know of any future developments. And good for you for recognizing this inside information! Love to you, Lianne. Some years before I was emotionally and physically broken and lonely then I met this man who is almost 30 year older than me.

    I found a guardian in him initially but then I felt a strong attraction for him. He also started showing intererst in me. I used to talk about my mother to him like my mothers ill ness etc. Then I realized that he started having interest in my motther and flirting with my mother. Sometimes I feel though not sure my mother also has some soft feelings for this bastard man. I feel all this v intolerable and dirty. I came to know from some sources that this man is having contacts with many women of every age.

    He is habitual of this. This man is a distant relative so it is not possible to keep away him forever from my life. But I hate him v much. He broke my trust in each and every way.

    Even now when he knows that I know his reality he dares to flirt with me, try to find ways to talk to me and tease me. I feel he gets some kind of pleasure by making me miserable emotionally.

    Funny part is, I hate this man from core of my heart but when he doeant contact for some days I kinda miss him! Can anybody here guess what kind of past relationships I might have shared with this dirty man? And what leasons this vulgar man is trying to teach me by trying to make an emotional connect with my mother? Only you can do that by choices that you make. What you do in the present life is of the greatest importance. It will determine how this connection unfolds in your future lifetimes!

    You hold the power! The power to change what rests within your mind, and hence, in your exterior life. I met this guy a few months ago through a mutual connection. Safe to say that it was a very inappropriate sexual attraction because he confessed much later that he was married with two kids and I was had been seeing someone for a while. I have learned quite a lot about myself in the months that I have known him.

    It has been a rather turbulent interaction with a few fights, break ups and silences. But through him I learned about my love addiction and how I use it to anaesthetize my pain.

    I only realize this much later on. And sometimes you have to take your strength back and make a decision to respect yourself and your personal boundaries and needs!

    Hello, and thank you for sharing your story. I promise you, recognition of the problem is the 1 step to making a progressive change in yourself! And you have shown courage in being able to write about this.

    You can do it! Ok so my story starts about 2. I met a man. I thought he was odd at 1st but i was very intrigued by him and had an uncontrollable sense to know about him. Nearly 4 months into knowing him there was a party we both attended.

    Tht night i walked into the area where he was and immediately our eyes locked and from there its been odd to say the least. He and i have never been sexual or anything. There have been times where i could be having an anxiety attack and just being near him like in the same room even completely quiet within a couple minutes im completely soothed or times when we could be standing there looking at each other intently and it feels as though were conversating without ever speaking out loud.

    Or when im in deep thought of him or speaking of him i always seem to suddenly get a txt reply id been waiting for as a matter of fact hes never answered or contacted me after 9pm period but the other night i was speaking to someone about him and he was heavily on my mind, i was teary eyed and all the sudden at midnight i receive a txt from him. So im sure its apparent by now that im head over heels silly in love with this man. I love him unconditionally theres nothing id not do for him like i would destroy myself to make sure hes protected always and he is aware i let him know almst a yr ago.

    There have been times where i have what i can only describe as flashbacks but of things that have never happened but oddly in these flashbacks i see him as he is now. I see him laughing like extremely happy. I see him looking at me and even he and i making love.

    I know he cares for me but he is a very quiet about his feelings and in general. Hes the kindest most softspoken person ive ever met. I believe he loves me and the way i can feel him when hes not around i believe he has that same affliction and neither of us will let go of each other. I really jst think i need confirmation of what im going thru. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Can you figure out why this man has entered your life, what positive benefit can come of it—since, as you say, he is already married? And why not available for a conventional relationship? And yet another angle: Because we are here to learn as souls, to gain new insights and better tools for moving our personal evolution forward, lifetime after lifetime.

    How can this benefit you in future lifetimes? I have never experienced this ever before….. Its really very very odd feeling m going through, its been just days we have known each other… We jst met on social networking site, i just cudnt resist myself frm sending him reqst.. Which i have never did before in my life… I even dnt reply to fake or unknown messages ever.. But that moment when i saw him i jst felt smthing vry diffrnt inside, my heart jst skipped a beat for once, i sent him a rqst and he accepted.

    The momnt he accepted my rqst ws the tym i felt lyk m on the top of the world, i ws jsst flying in the air…. Dn suddenly a messeged popped up.. Hie frm his side, i wsss sooo soo soo happy to see jat hie msg.. N many have proposed me n done a lott for me.. But i nvr had any such kindd of feeling for anybdy ever b4. N i was like i m talking aftr a vry long tym with him.. N i have loosed him smwhere n hot him aftr a vry long tym, he tolf me everything about his lyf…. That ws the moment when he told me that he is married..

    M i wss like full of tears n started crying lyk a baby.. N felt that y did he marrid, coudnt he jast wait for me a while, i felt a vry big connection wd him… It ws like smthing got torn inside my heart. Without hiding anythung i wss like jsst tell him everything wgt wss going inside me.. Shittt y r u married n ol.. The feeljngs i ws going through, i told him each evry bit, n the best part ws that he understood me n holded me with his talks… The nice thing ws that he wss too n vry mch comfrtable with me, he was sharing a vry god tym with me as i was expecting…….

    I told him tyms that i feel smthing vry diffrnt with.. He told me that he dont knw but he ws vry cmfrtable with him n felt lyk sharing a part of his life with me inspite he ws married n happy too in his life,..

    We met vry soon within days n i wss like ohhvmy godness i wss going to meat smthing i have lost vry b4,. Te frst day we met wss soo awsm for both of us….. I wasss not evn afraid to meat him like we were gonna meat within days….

    We met n shared a lott witheach other, he too feel vry sad whn he thinks that he ia married, scnd day we met he wss bzy shecdule but came to meat me up n dropped me to my hostel, i cried that day n hugged him tightly lyk i ddnt want hkm to go anywhere… How is this possiblweki within auch period of tym such strong feelings develop for a prsn whom we evn dont knw..

    Emotional attachment, fear of loosing him n he loosing me,.. We evn made promises that till death we will b frnds in dis life,, n will meat in nxt lyf. I jst cant live wdout him.. I knw that he is married n have a didfnt lifestyle, but the same he feels for me.. The best part is this ki we both love each other vry badly.. That we both feeel so much bout eachother but cant do anything.. If ws unmarried i would have told about him at my home frm the day one… He also feela the same lyk we should go to a place where no one resides n only we both..

    Crying over a married man you have known for only two weeks? What else would explain this kind of extreme emotionalism than something that has been brewing for lifetimes? Clearly, that is not possible for these two, as the man has somewhat committed himself elsewhere—although I question that, because what is he doing on a dating site if he is committed to his family? If you can see that, Neha, then I hope it will bring you some relief from this impossible-to-pursue situation, to know that you are only attempting to recreate what cannot be reinstated in your present lifetime.

    There is a hope for you, however. The wave of emotion that you are feeling right now will pass when the cycle of energy retreats, and it will do that. Past-life relivings such as this come to us in cycles. They rise and fall like waves. When the cycle moves out, disintegrates back into the past where it belongs, it will leave you on a bare shoreline and you will wonder why you ever felt all those strong emotions.

    Until that happens, try to hold yourself steady while the wave thrashes around you, and do not do anything any more foolish than you have already done!

    Know that this is but a memory, and the memory will fade. As for what happened in the past life? You have all the emotional responses to tell you exactly what that was: What matters NOW is what you live out in your present lifetime, each of you.

    And best wishes to you! We met through a mutual hobby. Within the first week of knowing him he told me that he had a dream in which I was badly hurt and he woke up crying. This freaked me out that someone I had only just met had dreamt such a thing.

    There was also a period of time when we first met where we thought we might not see each other again. He told me that he felt sick with sadness that he might not get to see me again.

    The thought of not having anything to do with him even after knowing him for so little time physically hurts. I will sit sobbing for hours at the thought of not having some sort of contact with him. Due to our circumstances, we will never be in a relationship romantically but I am just so confused as to why he is in my life and why there is this undeniable chemistry between us.

    I saw a psychic just over a year ago and she said that she could see me holding hands with a younger man- is that all that this is or is there more to it? What you have here are two people who have known one another in a different set of circumstances in a previous lifetime, or possibly lifetimes. This came from the spiritual teacher, Ernest L. Norman, who first taught me the science of reincarnation, and it is so true of us!

    We are drawn to the familiar and fear to let it go, even after it is hurting us. This boy is not the older soul—you both are! Without awareness, you might repeat the same difficulties. But now good for you! What feels like a happy magnet is often the pull of the past. Then comes the challenge. If one of you does not step up and respond differently in the present lifetime, which usually means finding the humility to change and let go of the old snake in the bed, then you could be doomed to repeat the old traumas.

    I think, forgive me, that the analogy is a good one in this situation, and you know what I mean. In my previous answer to a question and in lots of my replies I think , I have outlined some questions to ask yourself and some steps to take to find freedom. Age really has nothing to do with it! We feel inner joy when we progress, when we achieve, when we change, and when we grow.

    New energy fills our spirits. What once made us happy? Match that kind of eternal progression in your own life and you will experience joy. Now, these are just my opinions. Take them as you will.

    And my very best wishes to you! You are in the process of learning. Love love love to you! And thank you so much for sharing your story. You know that my own dear husband is 15 years younger than me? And that we just celebrated 24 happy years as a married couple? Like I said, age is not the question. We first spent 4 years making sure this was the right choice, overcoming the inner conflict about our disparate ages. So far, totally the best choice I ever made, and I believe he feels the same.

    Look beneath the surface to the elements that really matter. My husband and I have been together for 26 years. We are miserable with each other and more miserable away from each other! The only way I can explain it is that I feel like he has been in pursuit of me forever as in before i knew him.

    My first thought when he said that statement was: I wonder why or what lesson is in our constant togetherness over the span of lifetimes or if we are simply kindred souls. You have accurately described what it feels like to be caught in a past-life bind, or rather, a present-life bind that was forged in previous lifetimes. Now, the question is, can you find a way off this treadmill? You might be surprised to know that learning about the past-life circumstances can actually create a seemingly instantaneous change in your present life, such that even your husband will feel and act differently, even if he never knows what you do about your shared past.

    So now you are wondering, how can you know what has taken place between you before? The actions and feelings will be pretty much a duplicate of what you feel and do now. How did I get here? Do I have to continue? Now the next step is also up to you. Do you want to continue as you are, or do you want to experience a different kind of life? First, your belief in the truth of this continuity from previous lives is essential.

    Trust your knowing on that. Third, see if you can identify what it was that a first drew you to this man, and b what still holds you, emotionally. Those next steps will be up to you. Many insights should be pouring into you right about now. Listen, accept, act according to your soulic aspirations and your intended life purpose for the present lifetime. I cannot tell you what that might be.

    I can only tell you that this is the kind of inner liberation we all seek! And these repetitious life experiences are what hold us all in check, until we unravel them, make our choices, and act accordingly. You will both be liberated by this. But sometimes the only thing holding two people together is some past-life memory of a debt owed, which cannot be repaid in the present. If you get stuck, my book, Speed Your Evolution , offers countless ways to recognize, understand, and liberate yourself from past-life repetitions.

    Very beautiful and informative article. I could relate this to me very much and feel more relaxed I met this guy last year in Australia during our professional workshop. I started getting attracted toward him durin this time. We beary spent time together deing these 6 days workshop.

    No matter who they are, they were a part of another one of your lives , and they are back again. Their return is a good indication that you have unfinished business together or they have a lesson they need to teach you.

    Read on to discover the truth! Feeling an intense connection right when you meet someone is usually a sign of a past life connection. You immediately feel a tie to this person. You might meet someone and have an immediate dislike towards them. Your past troubled relationship lingers in your mind , and you subconsciously remember it. This repulsion is another known sign you were linked in a previous life and an indicator of likely future disagreements. If you experience flashbacks while with someone, you may have known them in a past life.

    These could be indications of a past connection. But if suddenly, you have an uncanny amount of common ground that might be a sure-fire sign of knowing the person from another lifetime. The two of you have built up shared interests in your past life, and that translates over into your current one.

    8 Sure-Fire Signs You Have a Past Life Connection (Truth Revealed!)

    We've all been in the situation where we've met someone new but have this Remember, past life soul promises are complex but look for these key signs as to . Of These 3 Signs After Meeting Someone, You've Known Them In A Past Life This shows that they remember some of their memories from the past lives. Signs You've Met Someone In A Previous Life 3. If you are learning something about yourself. If you're being challenged in some way – either positively or.

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    We've all been in the situation where we've met someone new but have this Remember, past life soul promises are complex but look for these key signs as to .


    Of These 3 Signs After Meeting Someone, You've Known Them In A Past Life This shows that they remember some of their memories from the past lives.


    Signs You've Met Someone In A Previous Life 3. If you are learning something about yourself. If you're being challenged in some way – either positively or.


    4 Unmistakable Signs of a Past Life Connection With Someone someone you' ve been friends with for a year feels like someone you've known your entire life.


    Aug 17, If you've ever had something like that happen, or if you have experienced any of the 3 following signs, you've probably met someone from a.


    Apr 6, These are the 3 signs to recognize a soul you've known before. Knowing someone from a past life can be real, and you can feel it by their vibration and you feel an immediate connection and feel like you have met before.

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