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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Myth or Fact? CBD will make my pain/inflammation worse.

Stress & Proven Your Anxiety Beat 47 to Ways



  • Stress & Proven Your Anxiety Beat 47 to Ways
  • A Guide to Effective Anxiety Treatment Options
  • 2. Start Exercising (or Exercise More)
  • Dec 13, What are some ways you can reduce your daily anxiety? Check out the top recommendations on ways to beat anxiety based off research and. Mar 3, How to Beat Anxiety: The Self-Experiment Approach that don't stress you out, while you're waiting for your anxious feelings to naturally calm. Use research-based coping strategies to overcome your fears.

    Stress & Proven Your Anxiety Beat 47 to Ways

    Distress is debilitating, and occurs when the good stress builds up and becomes to much to cope with. While the negative effects of stress are very real, much of the stress we experience can be alleviated simply by talking about it. Additionally, friendships can take your mind off the stressors and provide a buffer between your daily tasks and your negative thoughts. Our SN buddies are trained to lend an ear and provide judgment-free advice.

    With its mood-boosting and endorphin-releasing properties, regular aerobic exercise is a natural stress reducer. In fact, a study found that exercise was just as effective of eliminating depression antidepressants. Why does this happen?

    The availability of healthy snacks will help improve your diet and keep your stress in check. Stress has long been linked to chronic insomnia. But while conventional wisdom treats the inability to sleep as a symptom of stress, researchers at Harvard medical school found that poor sleep may actually be a contributing factor. Feeling overwhelmed is a major stressor. A great way to make a major reduction in your stress is to get a handle on your work by prioritizing and organizing.

    Your outlook can have a huge impact on your ability to cope with everyday stressors. Follow the tactics outlined here to bring your stress level back down into the healthy range so you can continue to experience breakthroughs and create some real magic for yourself.

    Let us know in the comments below. Proper planning — setting expectations and giving everyone a road map has really helped reduce last minute project stress and has prevented people from bloating project.

    Thank you for sharing! Slack can definitely provide value, but the more face to face interaction, the better. It tends to de-escalate stressful situations.

    Hi Jeff, may I put a link to your article on my website? And with your article also some tips, too. The expectation is higher, besides the workmates are cold and unfriendly, kinda feel nervous all the time. I really liked the tips in this article: It really does make a huge difference. A nice reminder to stay focused on being unstressed.

    Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing! I love the infographic! Is there anyway that I can print out just the infographic? I would love to be able to post on my HR Corner board for my employees!

    I can help you out with this. You should be able to print or download from there. Great article on reducing stress! I think getting the appropriate amount of sleep per night and taking care of yourself through exercise and nutrition is such common sense, but we forget day to day that we need to do these things. I know I need to remind myself and work at it constantly! This is an awesome article. Evry time I see a blood pressure machine now I panic. It has gone up in the 's having a panic attack over it.

    Do not take it when you are worried.! I did the exact same I panic over my bp. With the machine it was higher then having them doing it manual but then you wonder if they can hear right lol.. Then I went to my dr had blood work done and it was perfect, sugar, thyroid, cholesterol, blood count etc. I hate this feeling I want to feel normal again!! I was diagnosed with agoraphobia over 20 years ago when no one really understood it that well and I am much better now but the first thing to do is find a therapist and describe exactly how you're feeling I didn't leave my room for 2 years I just wanted to die but even as terrifying as it is there is help for it I can do just about anything anymore except I still have bad days sometimes.

    There really is a lot of help out there nowadays so the first thing I would suggest is to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist. Good luck I know how debilitating this condition can be.

    I suffer from agoraphobia. It is controlled now. You should look at all treatment options. Psychiatry and CBT therapist or psychologist is a good combination. Gene tests are available to predict which meds your body can tolerate the best.

    They offer pay scale. If you can go to library there are self help books. The more you know about what you are going through the better. You learn about triggers. You might be able to figure out what's cause this. Mine is stress and social anxiety. So I work on these areas. I wish there was a simple solution but for me it's using all of these.

    Set goals for yourself. Ultimately you will have to expand your safe zones. I wish you the best! I know how overwhelming the sense that you are losing your. Mind can be because of panic attscks, because I suffered them myself And I also cured myself I was 19 and experimenting with drug when after a particular heavy might of cocaine use i began feeling a shortness of breath The feeling of not being able to catch your breath is sifforcating and unbearable Because I was young and didn't understand enough about the affects of drugs I thought I was overdosing and having a a heart attack I began to panic badly and felt like I was losing my life energy and would pass out and die At the emergency room though I insisted I was sbiut to pass out die They just kept foe observation knowing better A few hours later I was more come and felt more comfortable and they let me go hone It was the scareiat experience of my life I was fine for about three months thought I worrying about that felling often Afraid it might come back Sure enough, 3 months later I began having pa attack It was a miserable time of my life I would have then every day and I would not leave the house I thought I was going crazy and it seemed that this would now be my life and it sickened me I couldn't watch anything on TV except sports programming because everything else would inspire bad thought or feel key with anxiety But baseball just went inning in inning out and seemed to soothe me The worse thing I remember was this fear as I tried to go to sleep every night that I was going to die in my sleep Imthis continued for 18 months until finally I broke And this is what I did to beat it I was tired of the fear So damn tired and I just wanted to sleep peacefully And I remember vividly ontheblast night I had one just giving up and getting very angry..

    And I said to myself I dint csre if I die in my sleep I was just sontired and sick of it I took a stance of anger toward and with absolute rage I just didn't care what happen to me in jay sleep that night I didn't care if I died I was done worrying and being afraid of it And that night I sleep so peacefully and I woke up the next say feeling rested and fresh And though I was worruong I may have a panic attack I raged it yeah some how It worked some how So what I would recommend to oh is to get mad at it Get angry with it Find that rage inside of you and.

    Really, just scream out loud at it Face it and tell it that you don't care abut it and your not going to fear it tonight I think once you do that you gain a sense of confidence back..

    I think that's what csuaes them A sudden dramatic traumatizing blow to your deep seeded sense of security and comfort in dealing with your reality Its as if your fundsmnetal belief system that supports your ability to feel safe Suddenly erases and you feel vulnerable and in fear of everything To regain it you must rage agsisnt the fear Rage agsisnt the sickness Tell it you don't care about it And it cent hurt you Its only in your mind I hope that helps It Wes the best thing that ever happen to me I am doing this too.

    In a weird sorta way this actually does make allot of sence! I have suffered from anxiety for 30 years and have had countless panic attacks! At some point, as hard as it is, you do have to get mad and tell yourself to just stop! Regain that confidence and try to snap yourself out of it! Really helps break up the day like your nap suggestion.

    I used to have anxiety a couple of years ago……not sure if it was intuition or just accident that I started practicing Yoga and also started doing breathing exercises…. Women usually are very much in tune with their energy bodies I think the reason for this is differences in pelvic structure of men and women. In any case, anxiety, in my opinion, is a result of trapped energy when energy is not able to move freely through the body — it manifests in different forms — anxiety, anger, sexual dysfunctions etc.

    When you get anxious, pay attention to where in your body you feel the anxiety…. For me, spending time playing with my kids works a treat, as does any form of exercise, so long as I focus on the exercise itself. Fill a Nalgene up with your favorite 3 buck chuck wine from Trader Joes. Then head down to your local golf driving range.

    Golf is fun when its mildly competitive and involves drinking! I love to go to the Reflexologist at the shopping mall.

    She gives a very intense foot and leg massage that leaves me feeling terrific 2. Feed birds at the park. Makes me feel like a million dolars to feed wild animals 3. I was trained in the pain clinic of our state university to lead hypnosis in others for the sake of pain research and relief. As part of that training I was taught self-hypnosis. I write out everything that is on my plate and prioritize tasks, often planning when I will do them. Also, I usually add some quick tasks, so that I can start crossing things off my list right away and feel like I have accomplished something.

    I am really excited to read this book. I was recently in my hometown and had dinner with a wonderful old friend. I honestly could not remember the last time I had fun. This realization shocked and terrified me, and I decided that fun needed to be a part of my life once more.

    I became exhausted and bitter about some commitments that should have been fun. It started to affect my relationships because I never had time for my family because I made myself so busy.

    I thought about scaling back for years but the time was never right. Unfortunately it took a major health scare to put it in perspective for me.

    If I were to die today would I want my last day to be spent indoors in a a meeting? And these were volunteer meetings! The funny thing to me was all the replies I got from fellow volunteers and colleagues telling me how they completely understood and wistfully wished they could do the same.

    Thanks so much for the writing this post! I admire your courage, Charlie. Excellent posts on anxiety! For me I found getting everything all my open loops out of my head. Everything I want, need, or have to do, no matter how far or immediate in the future, I get out of my head and on to paper my mental inbox.

    I find that my anxiety centers around trying to fill every moment of my time with productivity. For me, this usually just a cup of good coffee. While I sit with it, I just pay attention to enjoying the coffee, and nothing else. Congrats on taking back your life, Charlie, and for sharing your story for others. Your removal of news reminded me of something Andrew Weil once said. He said you need to take a news break. Constant exposure to bad, horrible things the news makes you feel powerless and frightened.

    I stopped watching the news that day. Bad news travels fast and there are no shortages of transmission. There is only this one life and I feel I owe it to my ancestors to lead as fun and fulfilling life as I can. This is not a dress rehearsal! I am a former workaholic, cured and retired!! The body and the mind are intrinsically linked together. How you treat your body effects how and what you think about. This can be proven by that fact that many of us are able to think more clearly, get more work done, and be more productive when we eat healthy, get exercise, and drink plenty of water.

    Studies have show that exercise and diet have a direct effect on hormone levels such as Testosterone and GH. Both of which, especially testosterone, has been proven to reduce instances of depression. The fact is, they both need to be optimally functioning in order for one or the other to be able to function at full capacity or anywhere near it!

    Bikram works well for me. I love the feeling of being physically wrung out at the end of class, the calm of the guided class and focusing on my breath to slow down my heart rate while struggling just to get through class. Somehow I find this incredibly soothing. That change to my life promoted me to eat cleaner and quit gluten, which was life changing-I was able to come off a low dose andi-depressant after ten years. And deep tissue to the point of pain massage.

    I am a freelancer and often work from home. I find that if i stay cooped up in the house for too long, my world becomes smaller and many anxieties begin to develop. Purposely finding myself outdoors or in another environment calms me down and usually inspires me to do fun, side projects. I also make sure that I reflect each day on the things, events, or people im grateful for or appreciate.

    I write this down either in a journal or a piece of paper and drop it into a happy jar. On the days when im feeling down, i can look back on these and they help to take me out of a tight spot. Thanks for the article Charlie.

    This is so important for everyone these days, not just internet workers. I run an outdoor adventure website so I have to get outside once in a while for new content for the website.

    I feel good on those outdoor days or on days I hit the CrossFit gym or play some lunchtime floor hockey. Flipping through the eras of thick black and whites, seeing those shiny faces and embracing the recognition factors brings me to such a profound comfort level.

    All kinds of emotions are brought up and perhaps they replace the chaos just long enough for me to catch my breath. It helps me to simply change my mind. Yes Tim, great article!! You are spot on with micronutrient deficiencies—especially if you are vegan I am. Cyanocobalamin is most common in cheap B supplements, energy drinks etc.

    In fact, skip the energy drinks altogether and brew some homemade kombucha. Again, you are right on with probiotics and kombucha has lots with plenty of benefits. Making a batch is super easy, fun and very inexpensive. Finally with respect to unplugging, I get a massive workout by volunteering at a farm animal rescue called Farm Sanctuary. Once a week every Thursday, I leave Los Angeles and drive up to the farm for animal health checks. Tons of physical activity try trimming pigs and goats hooves for several hours… , fresh air, and most importantly a connection with all types of animals I would not otherwise get a chance to be close to.

    Although I am helping animals, it is my sanctuary. My mental, spiritual and physical health benefit more from this than anything else I do. I knew there was a better way.

    Sharing your stories and life lessons has greatly impacted my life for the better. Because of your many successes, I have the drive to move forward everyday. While I very appreciate the information Charlie has presented here, I have to give a differing view point. I remember the first time I was in my teens and experienced severe anxiety, I thought I was going crazy.

    The suggestions revolved around doing exercise, having fun, cutting out caffeine, and getting enough sleep.

    As I tried to incorporate them into my life over the next few weeks or so, I found that, in the big picture of the anxiety I was experiencing, they were completely unhelpful. I would feel a little better after a good workout, jog, or spending enjoyable time with friends, but overall nothing about my anxiety really changed.

    The sleep one was difficult to do because I was far, far too anxious to sleep at night. In the end, the failure of the methods made me feel even more anxious. That first period of severe anxiety happened 14 years ago. In those 14 years since then and through my search for a way to treat my severe anxiety, I have found that there are two types of anxiety. There is mild to moderate anxiety, which while only mild to moderate still feels terrible.

    This level of anxiety is greatly helped by activities like having fun, exercising, and getting good sleep. Beyond moderate anxiety, however, lies a whole world of severe, and beyond, anxiety levels.

    This is anxiety that makes it impossible to even think of sleep and much less function in any normal manner on a day to day basis. In my opinion, this type of severe anxiety requires professional treatment of some kind.

    If I had know that truth sooner, i would have been able to get real help sooner. Things like CBT cognitive behavior therapy or medications can be of significant use for treating severe anxiety.

    Totally agree J, thanks so much for writing this out. Thank you Charlie, this is a very helpful post. What has worked for me for many years is doing a Loving-Kindness type of meditation. You start with yourself that is a rule!

    Call up a picture of that person in your mind. Then say, or think: May this person be free of fear and rage. May this person have mental happiness, physical happiness, ease of well-being and long life. This helped me with anxiety about my children.

    Things I can do to prevent the anxiety causing event from occuring. Things I can do to cope with the aftermath if the event does occur. Then I prioritize, sequence and schedule the tasks written under point 1, and start taking action on the first task. Thank you Charlie for your wonderful article!!! Recently it culminated in self harm. OMG that feels great!! I vow to spend more time playing with my friends and…I think learning to be completely honest with myself about myself is important.

    I have never heard about T. E — but look forward to learning more. Again, thanks for having the courage to share your story and providing such simple, yet effective techniques.

    When having panic attacks, I recently found that I was focusing on what it felt like the last time I had one, and not the situation itself that caused it.

    That realization has now helped me have fewer attacks. I also found that, like you, the more I exercise and get outside and am active, my attacks have been less frequent. When I do have one, splashing really cold water or rubbing an ice cube on my face does wonders. Thanks for the post. Wake up a little earlier than I need to after 8 hours of sleep obviously Make a cup of coffee just the way I like it or any beverage of your choice Pick a spot outside…in the garden, on the porch, by a window… Look at the world, see how beautiful it is Taste the coffee, really relish it.

    Cultivate some awe as I look at the clouds, I try to remember how big they really are, or I think of what we know about space…whatever it takes. The beauty of this little ritual is that it trains your brain to look out for the good stuff. Pretty soon you start noticing them all through the day.

    Actual stressful situations are much less so for me. I practice and teach yoga. Though, I must confess to playing catch up when I get back online. I think what 2 things help me the most that I am already doing is yoga and whole body vibration through a Goga Studio. I like the way both help me to relax. In a way after reading the article I can maybe understand why WBV works for me. Also keeping clutter at bay helps me not be as anxious.

    I also do the vitamin stuff, making sure I have enough vitamins to want to get up in the morning is crucial for my well-being. Otherwise I have people starting my day off by banging on my door.

    I also overcame anxiety with using most of these hacks. Thank you so much for sharing! Very inspiring and motivating. A few notes about nutrition: That said, it is an extremely common deficiency, and is more common in people over 40 and vegetarians.

    Natto is by far the best source; nonetheless, a variety of animal sources like gouda, egg yolks, and organ meats and sauerkraut still contain enough to be correlated with a positive effect in the Rotterdam study. I did not have a B12 deficiency. Likewise, my long-term vegan husband just had his blood work done and was not B12 deficient. My long-term vegan colleague and her fiance ALSO had blood work done in the last month and also were not B12 deficient.

    Interestingly, Charlie himself noted that he ate meat nearly daily and came up deficient. Everyone eating all diets should be careful to get enough B12 and have nutritional balance in general. Thanks for posting this. Has a lot of good ideas here. I think the sugar one may be a good one to try out. Good point about news intake. I used to watch BBCWorld while having breakfast, and one story about global warming could cast a pall over my day. And you should see the news here in Turkey — they add bangs, crashes and dramatic music to stress you out even more Carmina Burana is a favourite.

    Subscribe to something you believe in degrees, Kiva, AllOut, the Harry Potter Alliance, whatever then sign the petitions, share on social media, donate etc. Then get on with your life. A minute of action is worth hours of consumption. Can anyone recommend somewhere? Oh wait, you can: Epictetus was a slave living under constant threat of torture and death.

    A lot of these tips sound good for generalized, all-day anxiety—especially exercise and a good amount of sleep. I try to set aside time each day for some deep breathing.

    I sit somewhere comfortable and use the white noise or rain generators at SimplyNoise to help block out distractions and to help me focus on just breathing. When a serious, out-of-control panic attack strikes, though, distraction is the most valuable tactic in my arsenal. During those serious panic attacks, video games have been a lifesaver for me. Nothing on a device with a touchscreen, or the phone you do work on! A dedicated gaming device with buttons that give physical feedback is extremely comforting.

    I would like to add one more hint: Extrageous stress is strongly related to lifestyle, environment and the impact those can have on the body! Intraneous stress is strongly related to some subtle misfunction of the body. What if your brain receives false message about status of organs? It would trigger reaction which is not corresponding to any kind of inner reality.

    What if the brain receives false messages about the health of the heart? It would trigger very high stress reaction, causing high anxiety attacks! What if the brain receives fake messages about the emptyness of your lung? Brain will try to empty it more and then you have a asthma crisis!! Intraneous stress is easely created by misalignment of bones.

    Think about how your nerves are going out from backbone to organe. It has to go through little holes between connection of backbone and ribs. If ribs are misplaced which easely occur durring a life: The brain then will trigger some reaction totally unrelated to any kind of physicall reality!

    Its not from me! Its not a weird theory. You can find more information on http: There are several practitionners of this method in Canada. And the french creator is now living in Urugay which can help those american people to reach him. In my third year of meditating without fail every morning and has only really been within the last twelve months that I have been able to consitently practice every morning.

    Has been the one thing I have tried that has considerably changed my life. I look forward to the sessions every morning and it motivates me to get out of bed and have my 20 mins before hitting the day. Give it a try — this website is what I used to get started: It was invented by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, TRE activates a natural reflex mechanism of vibrating that releases muscular tension, calm down the nervous system. When this muscular vibrating mechanism is activated the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance.

    So it is best to practice these exercises to cure your stress and other stress related problems. Enter Charlie Do you feel a constant sense of dread? The Tim Ferriss Show Transcripts: Facebook Twitter Email Reddit Print. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

    Are both of you actually going to work together again at some point of time? Thanks, Sascha Like Like. It goes something like this: Write down the situation. Write down any thoughts that came up. Write what emotions you felt, and rate their intensity on a scale which helps you identify later how much you are improving 4. Put a star next to your top source of stress. Thanks for sharing Like Like. Why not the TRE? Good alternative is to do group karaoke with friends.

    After few trial and errors I found my routine: Charlie I really like your article. That being said I would be careful with section 6 about micronutrient deficiencies. I really hope it provides some relief. Sorry if I sound overly critical here!

    Thanks for your thoughts! That is how i found this article by the way Like Like. This explains it best: However witnessing your actions makes the choice to not feel anxious an easier one… Like Like. If you feel overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions. If you are moving too fast, breathe.

    It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more. Breathe, and enjoy each moment of this life. Have you tried a beta blocker for performance anxiety? In the words of world renown strength and fitness coach Scott Abel: The best way I have found to stop a panic attack is similar to the thinking behind T.

    Link Removed] Like Like. Thanks for the tips! Hey Charlie, Funny thing with anxiety is you can experience if for years and not realize the damaging effect it is having on your mental and physical health the people around you.

    Especially if you think you are getting sick or contracting illness in the work place all the time… But now I reflect that it has impacted me at almost every stage…education, social relationships, sports performance, etc. Great post… Ever since I got a dog I try to get out and hike in a de-stimulating environment … Like Like. Broccoli in one place does equal broccoli in another, for instance. And, thank you, Charlie. My favorite method for overcoming anxiety: I think the TRE mentioned here helps somehow with moving energy through the body better.

    Simple breathing in your belly for 15 minutes every morning can do miracles as well. Might want to think of a new name for this, but the concept is delightful.

    I try to live in the present moment and it helps my anxiety a lot. Thank you Like Like. To overcome anxiety, I write down what is troubling me. Below that I write down: My favourite method to cope with anxiety? Bang out some grooves on the drums! I get in PLAY and some awesome physical activity. But then, I have understanding family and neighbours. My fave techniques for dealing with anxiety: I have a wii and like just moving from pose to pose. Otherwise I have people starting my day off by banging on my door Like Like.

    A Guide to Effective Anxiety Treatment Options

    Oct 3, Mindful meditation involves sitting comfortably, focusing on your breathing they found 47 trials that addressed those issues and met their criteria for that a mindfulness-based stress reduction program helped quell anxiety A little Yoga goes a looong way in supporting emotional health. . HEALTHbeat. Jul 9, Anxiety is a common problem characterized by worry and nervousness. It contains high amounts of antioxidants proven to reduce inflammation, anti- anxiety effects in stressed mice compared to those given a lower dose (17). . in the body and may promote relaxation and anxiety relief (45, 46, 47). Feb 16, Since being plagued by anxiety is a way to sabotage your success, we've put together a 15 scientific tricks to beat stress, anxiety, and fear . A analysis of 47 studies, with a total of 3, participants, found that a.

    2. Start Exercising (or Exercise More)



    Oct 3, Mindful meditation involves sitting comfortably, focusing on your breathing they found 47 trials that addressed those issues and met their criteria for that a mindfulness-based stress reduction program helped quell anxiety A little Yoga goes a looong way in supporting emotional health. . HEALTHbeat.


    Jul 9, Anxiety is a common problem characterized by worry and nervousness. It contains high amounts of antioxidants proven to reduce inflammation, anti- anxiety effects in stressed mice compared to those given a lower dose (17). . in the body and may promote relaxation and anxiety relief (45, 46, 47).


    Feb 16, Since being plagued by anxiety is a way to sabotage your success, we've put together a 15 scientific tricks to beat stress, anxiety, and fear . A analysis of 47 studies, with a total of 3, participants, found that a.


    I have chosen to focus on my healing, and to say only a few words about my I'm 47 and have been sick a long time. . I forgot how bad panic attacks actually were, I thought i had overcome panic . I average a year at each; I do well for a couple months then self destruct due to stress, and then grandly fired. Proven fact.


    Learn how to control your anxiety from a top-rated life coach. Whether you're interested in using CBT to beat anxiety, or learning a new stress management.


    Feb 4, Beat Stress in 1 step only simply by doing one of the methods that I Click here to get 7 STEPS TO DISCOVERING AND LIVING YOUR LIFE'S.

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