Pure and Organic CBD & and Hemp Products

Effective medicine provided by mother nature

  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Rectal cancer cbd oil vs

The Guide Extractions: Harmony – to – Medium Cannabis Complete Welcome



  • The Guide Extractions: Harmony – to – Medium Cannabis Complete Welcome
  • Cannabis 101
  • ‘I want to try cannabis, but I’m afraid of getting too high’
  • Extraction of cannabis is a simple process, which people have used for centuries. There are many records of people using cannabis tea, hash. top stories published by Welcome to Harmony. Welcome to Harmony, where cannabis meets startups & biotech. Cannabis Extractions: The Complete Guide . To help make sense of so many options, we've created a guide to CBD-rich oil is obtained via extraction made from cannabis flowers, To get the full flavour of hemp tea, brew tea in hot water with milk, Top on Medium.

    The Guide Extractions: Harmony – to – Medium Cannabis Complete Welcome

    There are a number of services specifically aimed at helping businesses solicit feedback and ideas from their customers. Make your feedback process a conversation so that your customers know that their input is valued. Customers will often take the time to give you input on ways to improve if you ask, but if the exchange feels one-sided to them, they may give up. After all of the market research and investigation, you may think you know who your competitors are. Asking your customers what companies and services they evaluated is a great way to make those unknowns known.

    Asking this question gives your customers an opportunity to tell you what they think makes you special. The answer tells you about your unique selling proposition USP. Your USP may not be something physical or tangible like a product, but instead be more thematic or emotional.

    Entrepreneur outlined this in their look at USP:. Pinpointing your USP requires some hard soul-searching and creativity. One way to start is to analyze how other companies use their USPs to their advantage.

    If you analyze what they say they sell, not just their product or service characteristics, you can learn a great deal about how companies distinguish themselves from competitors. For example, Charles Revson, founder of Revlon, always used to say he sold hope, not makeup. Some airlines sell friendly service, while others sell on-time service.

    Neiman Marcus sells luxury, while Wal-Mart sells bargains. And be careful not to adopt the USP of a competitor. Which one you choose depends on your goals, who your customers are, and how you can reach them, but here are some ideas to consider.

    Persona-based marketing can help make sure you target your messaging perfectly for each unique groups of customer prospects. For example, crowdspring offers design logo-design, website design, print design, product design, packaging design and naming services.

    We work with different types of customers, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, big Brands, agencies, non-profits, and even governments. While there are similarities between entrepreneurs and small business owners, for example, agency clients are very different and require a different marketing approach. So we tailor our marketing accordingly. Analytics data allows you to see where your visitors came from.

    It also clues you in on the valuable keywords they used to find you, as well as how much time they spent on your website browsing around. This data shines a big old light on the inner workings, desires, and interests that brought those customers to you.

    The employees on your team who deal with front of the line aspects of your business, like customer support teams, are a critical resource for any business owner looking to get to know their consumers better. Ask your employees the same questions you posed to your interviewees, and add their responses to your buyer personas. The people personas represent may be made-up, but you still need to assign each one enough information to flesh them out.

    The documentation you create for your personas should be detailed enough that anyone in your organization can read it and get a good idea of who these people are. Example of a persona from xtensio. Some specific data points that can help you figure where this person fits in your strategy include:. If you need a starting point, there are a number of good persona templates and creation resources available online, many which are free.

    They also have a persona template that may be useful. You can also look at UXPressia, a paid service with some free persona creation tools, and UserForge , which offers free persona creation tools. A critical part of using personas effectively is empathy. You need to put yourself in the mind or shoes of your personas so you can weigh decisions and strategies against their needs. Use them to help you define goals, challenges, pain points, and behavior.

    Personas are a powerful tool to help rally the various parts of your company around a cohesive whole. Using the same personas across different business units can keep your company focused on the same goals.

    Basecamp designer Ryan Singer summarized the problem with personas:. Are they going to go to an upscale Italian restaurant, and have an expensive entree and a romantic evening with wine? And, on Friday they go to the restaurant.

    Personas are one part of the full picture. Once you have them, use them to create customer journeys so you can place them into a real-world context. How do you begin?

    What are the relevant factors that you should be comparing? If you pick the wrong metrics, you can still make a competitive analysis — but it will not be particularly meaningful to you.

    Historical trends help you to understand not only the speed of growth but also to see if the same events impacted your competitors and your company equally. For example, if two competitors are in the same industry you might see complementary growth spurts and down spurts.

    Were the events one-time events such as a hurricane or annual events such as the holidays in December. Rapid monthly growth is meaningful, but can be deceptive if the annual rates paint a different picture. This might be tough to track if your competitors are private companies. It would be easy to stop here. You can, for example, assess visits — as opposed to unique visitors — if you picked unique visitors as your metric.

    To properly understand how your company stacks up against a competitors, you have to assess different types of data. After all, there are many different metrics, and multiple metrics can be meaningful to your comparison. Using multiple sources — especially if those different sources show similar trends, tends to increase your confidence in the data.

    But before you can create your design assets, you need to understand the building blocks brand elements that create your brand identity. These brand identity building blocks include typography, color palette, forms and shapes, and composition. Here are six things you should consider when choosing the brand elements for your business or organization:. A recent study conducted by MIT psychologist Kevin Larson showed subjects two different print layouts: Typography is an effective way to convey more than just the words involved in written communication.

    You may find that your purpose is best met by using a font with a vibrant personality throughout your website or using an amalgamation of sans and serif typefaces. They were designed to make it easier for people to read words and that makes most Serif and Sans Serif fonts a good fit for many different kinds of businesses.

    There are also fonts that are meant to be a little quirkier and make a bolder statement — those are more suitable for niche businesses with a very targeted audience. Make sure you consider these feelings and perceptions when you select a font for your business to better attract your target consumer.

    And be sure to properly license any font you use. For more on font licensing, read The Law on Fonts and Typefaces: The emotion generated from font choice is directly tied into the shape of the letters and our psychological response to those shapes. Choosing a font that has associations with something counter to what your brand represents will create a confusing experience for consumers. Fonts for a business logo, for example, should work to be traditional and clean.

    A more casual coffee shop, on the other hand, should avoid overly rigid, hyper-clean fonts. Then run a focus group with your favorite choices! Serif typefaces are associated with tradition and stability. They are high end, classic, and easy to read. We described Serif fonts similarly:. Serifs give a visual anchor to characters, contributing to their solid and traditional feel. They also improve readability of lengthier amounts of text, delivering a professional and trustworthy impression.

    The formal feel of Serif fonts makes them excellent choices for established, prestigious businesses, or any business that wants to convey authority or tradition. Fonts without serifs are aptly named sans-serif fonts.

    They have a modern, clean aesthetic and bring stability to a design. This style of type deconstructed traditional letterforms and modernized them into an accessible and appealing aesthetic.

    Sans-serif fonts evoke an informality that works well for blogs, personal websites, and casual business cultures. Businesses that have used Sans-serif fonts for their logos to great effect include Skype, Medium, Target, and Google.

    Script fonts are great for attracting an elegance-seeking audience — think wedding invitations — whereas a scrawled out print will more likely draw in a quirkier crowd. Charities, childcare centers, clothing designers, and any industry seeking to add a personalized touch for their customers would do well to consider a handwritten font in their branding and marketing efforts. You can fine-tune them to convey a fun personality, or to emphasize a more laid-back kind of mood.

    When you incorporate decorative fonts into your visual theme, be careful that the tone of the font is in keeping with the tone of your business.

    According to a study examining the effect of color on sales, Institute for Color Research said that color was the most important factor when purchasing products. Another study showed that people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or thing within 90 seconds. While our perception of colors and what they mean is subjective, there are some basic qualities that we can apply generally.

    Here are some of those qualities:. Choose your colors wisely to elicit appropriate brand-appropriate emotions. Your color choices should always embody the personality of the brand. Culture and context can also influence how a color is interpreted.

    Therefore, do your due diligence and research your audience so you can make the best choices based on their specific backgrounds. All logos — whether they include an icon and text, only an icon, or even just text — have a shape.

    And, they all come prepackaged with their own psychological associations. Geometric shapes of all kinds look man-made.

    Squares and rectangles convey stability, reliability, strength, order, and predictability. Think of the bricks that are used to build sturdy, stable buildings. If you want your logo to communicate strength and reliability, considering incorporating squares or rectangles. This is precisely what IBM did in creating its iconic logo. Curves are considered to be feminine; and, as such, circles communicate softness, gentility, and femininity. Triangles are a directional shape. As a result, they change meaning depending on how they are positioned.

    When right side up, triangles convey power, stability, and upward momentum. Inverted triangles suggest instability or downward momentum. Symbols are simplified shapes that represent something specific in a culture. And, because symbols have clear, common meanings, they are relied upon heavily as a visual language. Arrows suggest a direction, movement, and travel.

    These are commonly used in businesses that ship and deliver goods FedEx and Amazon, anyone? Be very careful when using these, and other, common symbols in your logo. They may be an easy-to-understand visual shorthand, but they are also so commonly used that you run the risk of looking indistinct from your competition.

    Organic shapes include the shapes of actual organic items occurring in nature rocks, leaves, tree bark, amoeba, water ripples, etc. Professor Sunday Moulton, PhD explains:. Organic shapes are defined by not being regulated by patterns or exact dimensions in their angles, curves, or lengths of lines.

    In fact, they are just like shapes we find in nature with all the randomness and freedom you might see in a rock formation, a tree branch, or a leaf chewed by an insect.

    They create definition and form. Lines tell us where to stand and where to drive. Thin lines are delicate and may appear fragile. They communicate elegance and femininity. They can also imply frailty, weakness or flexibility. Alternately, thick lines suggest strength and rigidity. They appear more traditionally masculine than thin lines.

    Thick, bold lines are used to draw focus and create emphasis where they appear. Bplans Blog, Your Bibliography: Cultivation, Your Bibliography: Education, Your Bibliography: Employment, Your Bibliography: Extraction, Your Bibliography: Fortune, Your Bibliography: Green Flower Media, Your Bibliography: Lesotho, Your Bibliography: Lesotho Africa, Your Bibliography: Licence, Your Bibliography: If you need to produce a variety of high quality botanical extracts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    IES manufacturing facility is located in Denver — Colorado. Building a bridge between hemp growers, hemp processors, researchers, institutes, businesses, decision makers, governmental officials and politicians… in hemp related issues in Slovenia. Developing and placing new hemp products into market, focusing on food, construction and industry while generating local green and sustainable jobs.

    KonopKo, Slovenian Hemp Cooperative was founded in by 15 members, now having over members April With offices in Seattle, Wash. Our hemp-derived CBD extracts are all made in-house with industrial hemp that we grow on our own farms. Logistik Unicorp is a Canadian company founded in for the sole purpose of managing large uniform programs such as those it presently manages for the Department of National Defence, Canada Post Corporation, and other organizations.

    Since March , Logistik has been working with the UK Ministry of Defence on a trial of web-based uniform management systems. This trial is a precursor to the implementation of a Prime Vendor uniform program based on the Canadian model in Logistik provides integrated total management, from conception and design to uniform delivery on an individual basis, and has been managing all aspects of its programs since its inception.

    Nordic Oil operates in most European countries and is available on the following local shops:. Our company brings together Lithuanian farmers cultivating hemp for hemp leaves and flowers, organic hemp seeds.

    On commission basis in bulk we are selling hemp leaves and flowers, CBD oils, organic hemp seeds, hemp seeds oil, hulled hemp seeds. Also we are distributing certified hemp seeds for planting, many varieties, from few EU countries. Further information can be found at: As an accredited and independent testing laboratory, it guarantees the highest quality, punctual and precise results, as well as expert advices from their constantly well-trained staff. Due to the reliability and accuracy of the data they provide their clients the opportunity to reasonably assess risks and meet growing quality and safety standards.

    They combine a high level of expertise, state-of-the-art technology, high quality standards and individual customer service. They offer full analytics of hemp and hemp containing products with a broad analytic spectrum on aflatoxins, microbiological contamination, pesticides, terpenes, flavonoids as well as Tetrahydrocannabinol has been officially accredited and our tailor made special solutions leave nothing to be desired.

    The consultation and support for quality and environmental management systems as well as in the field of occupational safety are an expression of their unique range of services and comprehensive expertise. They substantiate the reliability of their chemical analytics — up for 60 years and running — regularly through successful participation in proficiency tests.

    We are able to offer analysis according to Products: Also we will provide CBD extraction services with CO 2 cold extraction method using equipment from leading company on the global market. For inquiries please contact us at: The main production facilities of the company and sown areas are in Ukraine. As an independent German laboratory QSI is the reliable and officially authorized partner for customers worldwide.

    Our experienced and constantly well trained staff conducts analyses with modern equipment. Our expertise of 60 years on adulteration, traceability, residues and authenticity of products like honey and other bee products, coffee, tea, cereals, hemp and hempcontaining products with a broad analytic spectrum on antibiotics, aflatoxins, microbiological contamination, pesticides, pollen as well as Tetrahydrocannabinol has been officially accredited and our tailor made special solutions leave nothing to be desired.

    With our unique full service enterprise network under the umbrella of the Tentamus Group we are able to offer the complete analytics and innovative solutions for national as well as international specifications of external quality control — even for special requests. We also substantiate the reliability of our chemical analytics — up for 60 years and running — regularly through successful participation in proficiency tests. Hemp seeds or protein powder produced from hemp are typical products available on the market.

    QSI holds this special authorization and is entitled to perform these analyses of hemp products. Please see for yourself! We will happily submit a tailor made offer especially made to suit your requirements. We are looking forward to your inquiry — and will find the best solution for you! From its 20, square foot manufacturing plant in Edmonton, Canada, Radient serves market leaders in industries that include pharmaceutical, food, beverage, natural health, personal care and biofuel markets.

    We have dried hemp flowers and seeds for extraction of CBD-oil that we would like to sell. Can you please provide us with some companies that may be interested in buying dry hemp flowers or processing dry hemp.

    We are interested and open to any buyers. Please feel free to contact us for any further information on our e-mail or phone number:. Satimed is focused on the research and production of herbal supplements, which possess natural therapeutic value.

    All of our products are developed and tested in certified laboratory and manufactured under the GMP conditions. This ensures that Satipharm only provides products of exceptional, consistent quality, that are manufactured in a regulated, safe environment. Satipharm is dedicated to growing its portfolio of delivery technology IP with further expansion plans targeting introduction of other formulations including THC.

    Trade Traditional Farming S. Our experience brings great technical expertise, specialized commercial background and an unrivalled passion for industrial hemp. At present we grow our own industrial hemp a selection of some of the most demanded UE approved varieties at plantations located in south of Spain where we are lucky to enjoy some of the best weather conditions to grow industrial hemp thanks to our fertile soils, excellent sun exposure and water availability.

    We mainly produce best quality green material, but also industrial hemp seeds and fibres. In addition to our farming activity we are constantly exploring in parallel some other business lines to develop in the medium term. Since are aware of the potential of this crop we are open to consider teaming up with partners sharing our business mentality and the same passion for industrial hemp.

    For us the environment comes first in all our business approaches, thus TTF is committed to producing the best quality products to match the requirements of the market while minimizing the impact of our activity in the nature.

    We understand our activity as an extension of ourselves as individuals, hence we always stick to the highest ethics standards when we deal with our partners, clients and the environment that we care with respect and love. TSKP-TIHP is taking in the bridge position just like Turkiye is the bridge between Orient and Occident to transform the agricultural sector not only to sourced raw material for the food industry, although for the construction, pharma-cosmetic, textile, plastic producing industries and far more industries to make it possible for hemp prodoucers create new environmental friendly, healthy prodcuts and sustainable economy.

    We are working with a diverse range of businesses and academic institutions to develop the industrial hemp industry within the UK and Ireland. Z-company specializes in the production and processing of hemp for human consumption. We process hemp seed to hemp protein, hemp oil, hemp flour and hulled hemp seeds. We supply worldwide hemp products to wholesalers, consumers and the food industry. Bulk and private label solutions are already possible at low minimum quantities. For retail at large volumes we offer extremely competitive pricing.

    Cologne Declaration on Industrial Hemp. Established in after the cultivation of industrial hemp was legalized in Germany. Connector between agriculture and industry. BAFA processes hemp straw by mechanically separating the fibres from the shives. Cleaned and dust-free shives are utilized e. BAFA is continuously involved in developing new products and solutions for our customers, e.

    Company presentation We are a hemp food manufacturer located on the W border of Romania to Hungary. Antonio Caruso Zona Ind. Contact Dun Agro B. Company presentation Harmony is a pioneer in hemp, crafting innovative CBD products to bring the full potential of cannabinoids all over the world.

    Company presentation Hemp Factory produces hemp food raw materials for the processing industry in both conventional and certified organic qualities. Hemp Factory has achieved the following certifications: Company presentation HempFlax in Oude Pekela NL focuses on the production and processing of sustainable resources, semi-finished and finished products made from ecologically grown fibre hemp and flax.

    Contact HempFlax Europe S. Company presentation Hempro Int. KG Daniel Kruse Muensterstr. Contact Jinzhou Qiaopai Biotech Co. Belousov Leningradsky prospect, 39, bld. Company presentation Company Portrait MH medical hemp MH medical hemp GmbH is an innovative company and trailblazer for technology, which specialises in the extraction of cannabidiol CBD as well as the development, production and global marketing of hemp-based cannabinoids and products containing cannabidiol.

    Company presentation JSC Agropro is the largest organic hemp producer, processor and trader in the Baltic region. Strazds Guntis Elizabetes Str. Company presentation Be Cann is a diversified, France-based holding company creating, developing, investing in and fostering businesses throughout Europe, with a primary focus on harvesting the numerous benefits of hemp. Contact Berrico FoodCompany b.

    Company presentation Company with more than 7 years of activity in the Cannabis sector Sativa L. Cassan 34 Padova Italy Phone: Henrique Olivera Pais Avenida da Boavista, — 2. Company presentation Cannextra is a trusted European wholesale supplier of legal cannabinoids.

    Company presentation Please find here an offer for raw hemp flower from the strain finola: Georg Bader Smetanova Lomnice n. Mainstream and Female Friendly Brand and Products. Company presentation Formula Swiss AG in Switzerland is family-owned company dedicated to producing health products and foods supplements of the highest quality from only the very best organic ingredients.

    We manage the following e-commerce solutions and websites: R2R 1V4 Canada Phone: Company presentation Our company was started in Jan. Company presentation We are Gilson, a third generation family-owned company developing liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions with a focus on helping the life scientist at the bench achieve more productive research and verifiable data. Contact good system s. Company presentation Greendom Denmark Greendom was established in by three Danish CBD enthusiasts with great experience in entrepreneurship and business management.

    On top of that they all share an interest in alternative treatment and natural remedies. Our mission is to make high quality CBD products available for as many people as possible through user-friendly homepages and web shops providing the customers with a great overview of the best products on the market and as much useful information about CBD as the laws and regulations allow.

    The vision is to obtain top positions on Google in all the countries where we are represented to reach as many people who might benefit from CBD as possible. In the Danish market this was accomplished within 6 months. We have a close collaboration with three carefully chosen CBD producers. We chose which brands to represent very carefully and the decision is always based on a number of parameters such as: We attach great importance to company morals and values as well as sustainability and we will only engage in business with people who we believe have their hearts in the right place.

    Naturally we enjoy seeing the business thrive and constantly grow, but the predominant goal is to only sell products that we would use for our own bodies and recommend to friends and family. We take pride in ensuring that we are actually making a difference for the people who buy and use the products we are selling. Customer service is always a main priority. Although we are not allowed to answer any questions related to prevention or treatment of illnesses or anything else that would imply we are selling medicine we take all of our customers very serious and want them to feel safe when doing business with us.

    Greendom is the proud administer of these web shops: Contact Greendom Danmark Phone: Kontakt Greendom Danmark Tlf.: Santa Coloma, Barcelona Spain Phone:

    Cannabis 101

    Lucie Zavřelová in Welcome to Harmony · Feb 8, · 1 min. Have You Ever Heard of Cannabis Ruderalis? Cannabis Extractions: The Complete Guide. Claps from Thom Shannon. Lucie Zavřelová in Welcome to Harmony · Jan 6, · 8 min. Cannabis Extractions: The Complete Guide. CBD due to its close relationship with marijuana, others have welcomed it with open arms. . Each of these refers to the extraction process and offers a different Broad spectrum CBD contains zero trace THC and full-spectrum CBD purchasing CBD products, check out our full guide with more tips on.

    ‘I want to try cannabis, but I’m afraid of getting too high’



    Lucie Zavřelová in Welcome to Harmony · Feb 8, · 1 min. Have You Ever Heard of Cannabis Ruderalis? Cannabis Extractions: The Complete Guide.


    Claps from Thom Shannon. Lucie Zavřelová in Welcome to Harmony · Jan 6, · 8 min. Cannabis Extractions: The Complete Guide.


    CBD due to its close relationship with marijuana, others have welcomed it with open arms. . Each of these refers to the extraction process and offers a different Broad spectrum CBD contains zero trace THC and full-spectrum CBD purchasing CBD products, check out our full guide with more tips on.


    Our new range of Harmony e-liquids is crafted using real cannabis has always been a mystery as its complete origin and genetics are unknown. worldwide who often reference it in their music videos and lyrics. You won't find any animal extracts, diacetyl or alcohol in there. Welcome to Harmony.


    Your Bibliography: Extraction (). Cannabis Extractions: The Complete Guide – Welcome to Harmony – Medium. [online] Medium. Available.


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